[CR] Mystique - Sketch drawing

in #artisteem3 years ago (edited)

Artwork ImageAhh I am so glad I scanned this sketch after I finished it, because guess what... the paper somehow ended in my very hyperactive puppy's paws.. or jaws more like it, and the sketch got shredder to scarps.

So I guess I will have to whip out my old friend the graphic tablet and color it digitally xd Which is not entirely a bad thing, since there are a lot of things that I wish to change to the composition.
I am not happy with how the hair turned out and I will most likely change her expression and alter the outfit somehow. If anyone has suggestions I would greatly appreciate :P


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Keep at it and good luck with finishing the drawing digitally :).

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Ah, what a naughty pupper ! I am glad you managed to scan this in time ! I like the pose very much :) Looking forward to seeing this digitally finished <3

Am very bad with designing outfits but maybe make her look less like she's wearing a dancer's outfit? IDK SORRY I AM USELESS ; __ ;