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Artwork ImageHello everyone!!

As we know art is a the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture. Art may be in any form like dance, singing, literature, painting, drama, circus,drawing and others.Art not only reflects the creativity of artist but also the environment and situation where the artist lives.

Drawing is simple and it way which help us to express our art.Drawing is passion for people Drawing is one of the oldest way of showing art.Drawing are made my using many instruments and it is most popular art and anyone can do it.I only know little about drawing.Drawing always makes me happy and i really enjoy doing it.

This is my drawing of one of the biggest animals and it is also the biggest mammal animal.Elephant is one biggest animal who looks unharming animal but when you see little bit close it can be also one of the most deadly animal. I only drew half of elephant as i looks peace animal but we see little close it is really danger animal too. When elephant feel in danger they could be the world dangerest animals because of size and also power. But mostly elephant are animals who doesn't harm other but if one does no can stop them. So this is my drawing of biggest animal "Elephant".

As drawing is easy than it looks and drawing can be drawn with some easily found equipment too like.

  • Pencil
  • Easer
  • Sharpner
  • And drawing book

You can put your art of anything that is creative, imagination and visual form. Art is all and everything like drawing, dancing, photography, singing, painting and many others. So,If you are an artist you can join artisteem through Here
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Hope you liked my post.
Thanks for reading it.
Be happy and enjoy life.

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