MARINE LIFE original art by artist David Emanuel

in artist •  6 months ago

My Painting titled MARINE LIFE - I was inspired to paint this after a trip to Curl Curl Beach in Sydney's famous Northern Beaches. Using Acrylic painted onto a recycled IKEA shelf, it is an attempt to display the underwater splendour hidden from above. I am a keen environmentalist, and am working to protect and conserve our marine areas.

Please take time to contemplate my artwork, and feel free to comment if you have an opinion.

I am a self trained artist and have been successful selling a few pieces, and in a major art competition, I value all feedback from professional artists as well.

marine life (2).jpg

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BEAUTIFUL PAINTING @daydreams4rock ,the colors you used was really nice.The title "MARINE LIFE "is a good option for this painting.


I really appreciate your kind comment -thanks mate