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It is understandable that artists are turning to the internet more frequently to connect with their audience given the digitization of practically every aspect of human contact. Today, in order to thrive, an artist must communicate with the public and display their work to an audience.

You might find inspiration from this article's collection of some of the top artist websites on the internet.

Zaria Forman

A powerful introduction to Zaria Forman's body of work may be found in a full-size photo of her working on a sizable, nearly done canvas. Visitors can see the artist's hyper-realistic approach in this image, which is readily framed with white space. Forman provides a thorough navigation menu, enabling readers to peruse her pastel illustrations of interesting areas where she documents climate change.


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Shantell Martin

British visual artist Shantell Martin is highly renowned for her distinctive drawing style. Your attention will be captured as soon as you land on her webpage, which features Martin's own work that has been animated with the aid of unique JavaScript to produce a pleasing visual impact.

Shopify was used to assist construct Martin's online store. Given how expensive it is to build a new e-commerce site, this is a great example of cost-cutting employing several techniques.


Karen J. Revis

A minimalist site design can be the ideal method to display your art when it already speaks volumes. Karen J. Revis's website has a straightforward design that is simple to use and read, focusing attention on the printmaker's textured and vivid creations. Visitors may find everything they need to buy a Revis original on this simple website, including a gallery, a biography of the artist, and direct access to her online store.


Nathalie Lete

If you desire a one-of-a-kind and incredibly artistic website design, visiting Nathalie Lete's website will leave you in awe and appreciation. Lete's website showcases her abilities not just through the work she has on display, but also through the layout and originality of the page, which has her homepage designed to resemble a notebook and a background made out of her illustrations.

The homepage is exactly as vivid and bright as Lete's artwork. This is an illustration of how simplicity and creativity can coexist.


Louise Hourcade

Louise Hourcade, a resident of Paris, initially displays her talent through a personalized splash page that welcomes guests in a cheery tone and invites them to her artist website. Once there, her pieces are presented in a neat gallery. The white background of Hourcade's website serves as the ideal canvas for her vibrant photographs, and the use of contrasting font colors is a captivating touch.


Olivia Truong

Truong's website is one of the better ones out there thanks to its unconventional designs and modest but effective animations. Her choice of a straightforward design and plain yet lovely colors aids in rapidly grabbing the attention of the audience. Its sophisticated and polished appearance draws attention to her work and stories among viewers.


Wrapping it up
Make sure to check this website for inspiration if you want to give your site a simple yet vibrant look. It draws in customers and keeps them there.

When deciding how to create your artist website, keep in mind that your audience does not desire to view an artsy website.

We hope the assortment of samples we provided has given you some perspective on the design, pattern, and layout you want to employ for your website.

Why then do we keep wasting time? Create a creative website of your own, then launch the company of your dreams.
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