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I stumbled upon a post by @theartisangroup, and I fell in love with their ideas, as they intend to engage the community with the activities of artisans who are steemians. I am so in.

For more info on what the group is about, follow and read up articles on @theartisangroup and I am sure you would not regret that.

Note that you have to be an artisan to join, and luckily for me, I am an artisan gifted in making a lot of things which includes making Ankara bags, leather shoes, and crocheting.

My best skill out of all is crocheting, and it is a process of creating fabric using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread or strands of other materials.

I have decided to show some of the things I have made. I hope you have fun viewing them.


I made that for my roommate four years ago, and she used that picture on the front page of her convocation jotter. I felt so proud of myself (lol).


I had an event to attend one day and needed to get a new sandal. Since my feet are long, I rarely get my size, and that day, after searching round the whole market, I got back home sad, but then, the idea came to me to make a sandal for myself, so I took out an old sandal, cut it up, took a yarn of wool and made that.


l made that table cover for my friend while we were students in Obafemi Awolowo University.


I made that for her and she used it as her birthday gown...


I love making stuffs for children... Checkout this... This woman said she wanted something simple. White with a little ash color.


Let it not be that it is only ladies I make clothes for. I also make for guys (It has been my brother so far sha) That is my immediate younger brother, and he trusted me enough to also make his birthday jacket... comman see wahala that day!
What do you think?


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Thank you so much.

I just resteemed this post, it is so loveIy. Hope you followed us @theartisangroup because of subsequent information. And welcome to Artisan Movement.

Thanks so much. I have followed ...

Talent speaks
Thanks to @artisan for the oppirtunity to showcase

Thank you so much @jeaniepearl! Wow! I feel so wow that you commented on my post o...

Have you thought of making cardigan for babies, head warmers etc, its a bigger market you for.
Nice one!

Thank you so much, I have thought about it... Thank you very much. I have not fully commercialized it, but I am looking into it.

What are you waiting for??
You should commercialize it dear.
You are welcome anytime.

You are very good oo, i especially love that gown that u made, good job and keep it up

Thank you so much. I appreciate it

This is great, I so much love your skilled works

Thank you so much. I am already blushing!!!

It's seems like you're an OAU student

Are you?

Lol... I was


I noticed from the pictures

Lovely designs. You are really skilled. More grease to your elbow!

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