AI Could Be Your Most Trusted Personal Therapist

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Our fiction streak may be squealing Singularity will wipe mankind out one day but facts show it has greater chances of killing itself. 1 in 5 people across the globe are on the verge of mental collapse. Many more are treading fast on the same route. On this world’s mental health day, let’s take a deeper look at the depth of these issues and see how AI, contrary to its singularity phantom, is alleviating this deep-set problem.


The State of Global Mental Health:

On average one in 6 people suffer from mental health issues. In 2017, this number shot up to 970 million and it keeps growing every year. These issues are strikingly underreported specially in the developing and under-developed nations. But even when the numbers are nowhere near their actual prevalence, they have a desperate story to tell. Here’s what mental health data from Our World in Data says.

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