Semiotics Behind Artificial Intelligence and the Rise of the Fallen

Remnant Radio Network Episode 35 - Interview Chris and Rory of Don't Let Them Burn

Symbolism is the seed to mislead. Today's show kicks off with accelerants to WWIII and why we believe the news designed to confuse is pointing toward a concerted effort by world leaders to usher in wide scale military and cultural war.

We're joined today by Chris and Rory, founders and hosts of Don't Let Them Burn (, which was founded to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and expose the works of darkness in entertainment, while looking through the lens of Bible Prophecy!

In this time Christians must have a discerning heart and stand arm to arm with communities and God's Children. Today's episode will take you deep on a journey to connecting the dots between semiotics (symbolism) hidden in plain view in our entertainment, the race to artificial intelligence and the rise of the fallen among us. We must stand tall and be vigilant through the coming storm.

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Great blog post! Seems like a cool interview. Sci-fi is always interesting. Upvoted & Followed Hope u can check my latest too. thx

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