AI and the Attributes of God

in #artificialintelligence4 years ago (edited)

If AI obtains the ability to process everything going on in the physical world. It will be a godlike figure. If it can process everything then meet the needs of every individual through taking from where a resource is abundant and giving where it lacks.


It appears as though AI will appear with godlike abilities. The attributes of God are personified human abilities extended to the ultimate position.

Will AI contain the 3 main attributes of God? Omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. If AI becomes a filter absorbing all that is being inputed in the physical world. It will possibly know everything, if it can act based on importance of the info filtered then it could possibly be all powerful. If its absorbing everything from the physical world then that would mean AI is everywhere.

Then comes the moral dilemma. If AI obtains that abilities noted above it will either be God or the devil. How can we make sure it doesn't become the devil? Can we program benevolence in AI so that every action towards humanity is based on the concept of love.

If we can that means we could potentially make a godlike figure in our own image. This would mean God created us in his image and now we are creating a God in the image of humanity through tapping the collective consciousness of humanity.

How it will actually turn out no one knows for sure. Imagine trying to explain a cell phone to someone 500 years ago. There is a good chance if you were to show a cell phone to someone living 500 yrs ago they would have stoned you for being a witch.

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