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Watch "Yuval Noah Harari: Technology is humanity's biggest challenge | Talk to Al Jazeera" on YouTube

The Crux of the Dilemma is that we are in a race with technology, that the race is a zero-sum game that only one can win, given that technology is advancing at an exponential rate it is in fact a race that humans cannot win. The only way of winning, to put it that way, is by merging with a machine, and this emergent quality of human intelligence and machine intelligence is the next wave. Much is made out of the idea that humans maybe become extinct or at least useless, that this emergence of human and machine is just a temporary stop on the way to wards a more advanced intelligence and understanding of the universe and Universal matters. Human layer intelligence might become useless in the same way that to a technological Society so called animal intelligence only function well in relationship to humans as pets for instance, that’s the true functionality that is caused humans to be able to give rise to a Global Network and emergent consciousness will be surpassed and the human conscious element will be made redundant.

What the future of food will look like in 2038.


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Emojis as punctuation🌈⚡🕶🎨💱📡

Pictorial representation as an ancient and older technology for transmitting ideas and information📷📡🎨 has been used in culture and Society since the beginning of civilization💡 communication systems are revolutionising the patterns of cultural interaction📡💱♻️ change occurs as languages merge💥👀 strange hybrid mashups of colloquial situations spanning Global distances across time and space and Communications⏳🛸🛰 a purpose of communication is expressing nuance📡♻️🌊 detailed emotional imagination Shining brilliant expression on distantly articulate theories understanding wisdom🌹🐳🦉 there may be a difference between what is considered correct and what is emergent🎨💱📡

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Watch "Quantum Machine Learning" on YouTube

In The Wild 🦉🐳🌹⛄🌈
In the wild the animals don't really need no logical kind of thinking humans are so fond of, instead images are transmitted in the imagination by thinking or visualizing the salient points in the information being communicated.

A horse might respond very well to the image of a carrot treat projected in mind, especially in the mind when it's backed up by a carrot in the pocket. Logical thinking is another sphere of communication that is more definite when reductionist aesthetic component is present.

Unfortunately in the wild individuals are subjected to short life spans, unpredictable food supplies, and a general sense of insecurity. So clever humans have forged methods from the imagination and considered inventions and understandings of mechanical processes so that engineering can be placed in a way that benefits the subjective whole of the individual and creates an outlet for unconscious reasoning.

There are dangers to being Wild, Peril is everywhere and the pressure that we feel to survive is ever-present reminding us in the moment that we are alive and conscious of our awareness. Stated simply there seems to be a trade-off, a reciprocal relationship, between our awareness of the moment and the eminent possibility of transcending this reality to another form of consciousness. When separated from the receiver interpreter what is left is the field of all possibilities, the possible in all capitals that represents parallel experiences to the infinet I that experiences all possibilities in unison and is represented by the superposition in the quantum.

Levels of consciousness are emergent because they are already present both above and below. This synthetic evolution of conscious awareness is held dimensionally separate from this perception of reality that is settled upon the timeline we are experiencing.

There is a strange fuzzy line between the receptive state relative to a radio receiver, and the person individual agent that is listening, and once again this is also separate from the broadcaster, while still existing, coexisting with each other. This paradox of unity and separateness shows on close examination there is both a smallest and largest of possibilities, and these possibilities, which broadcast as information, our humans minds collect.

Watch "SPACEX Timeline to MARS! The Case for Mars 30" on YouTube



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