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Everything blips in and out of existence, as we get older we have a greater experience with people that we've known interacted with leaving the planet and it becomes noticeable as a kind of on and off switch a flickering of frequency and the frequency of the Earth itself is changing as we develop the The Shield of information that shrouds the globe and there's nowhere to run as we moving to this 6 sixth Extinction and whole species blip in and out of existence. In a way it's a trust issue and we learn out of at the mother's knee how to realize that which we depend on can change quickly without warning and in that sense this broken trust leads to or can lead to a quicker realization of the moment as we spend less time wishing things were as they are not.

To realize this level of the month moment we really quick relinquish language and understanding for the feeling level of direct experience. Humans have thought themselves a generalized a generalized intelligence when actually intelligence on this level has very specialized elements. The removal in time and space in location of experience supersedes conscious awareness and with the health help of the technological layer intelligence has the potential to become more generalized. Drone Pilots waitering wearing virtual reality headsets fly through mazes and following Maps can do amazing feats of speed and acrobatics. The point of view of the reality of the Drone pilot has shifted to that of the Drone which shows how easily the central aspect of weariness of awareness can be placed into other bodies viewpoints and perspectives.

Perception through our nervous systems is already a stick step removed from direct experience as the brain interprets the data we receive through our senses. Innocence in sense language has the same effect of removing by a step direct experience, while at the same time giving the pause of wisdom and the ability to transmit ideas images data information Through Time. Consciousness then becomes fungible and can interact with each situation potentially in a more generalized Manor the less we focus through devices such as language and Technology. This is a paradoxical thought.

Reciprocal relationships form alliances and dependencies that trust focuses greatly, the ability to trust and to use those tools that we have created from specialized forms of intelligence are helpful in generalizing, and thinking that this is not so makes no sense. The technological layer the technosphere at this time is representative of a separation between screen image and perception locality while even still at this stage it is clear to see how pow the absorption rate will be more than 100%. The shift in viewpoint is well on its way just the realization the more direct experience from the moving screen has close associations with the way that animals communicate and in the wild images received have a direct communication experience leveled up from the language state.

Communication with animals is easy when we are open to images and feelings. How is it that one communicates with animals? To communicate in this way be open show no fear drop into your heart instead of your mind be open to receiving images consider What feelings arise when you view the images you were seeing. This communication is beyond language, words, and has a different kind of understanding that is feeling and image-based from the heart perspective. Technology has a frequency and is an on off frequency patterning a frequency is not necessarily on off, though on off can be represented by a frequency. The frequency that the Earth has is a natural rhythm and Technology is interfacing with this patterning and altering the speed of the frequency the intent and meaning in a patterned and vibrational blipping on and off.

It's the same thing as with the animal connection as we are interfacing with the technology, what do we want what does it want what kind of symbiotic relationships can we form or is this a form of codependency or Anarchy being decentralized and without rulers as the individual personal agent decides. The blue thing blipping on and off of these frequencies are sending new messages, different images, sensibilities of realization into the universal catch-all of information and knowledge fat more and more is being recognized as the basic unit of matter. And what does it matter what does it matter just doing this as a game says the Mad Hatter.


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