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I'll leave you to it relax enjoy and i'll speak shortly you may have also noticed i was originally going to put the light blue in but i decided no pull it back one color sharon we're probably not going to have enough and because i knew i was going to be using a vars that's got a blue in it uh i stayed away from that and i'm so relieved i finally got that air from the bottom of that stick it's the little things isn't it that when you watch back over the process you think oh i should have picked up on that earlier but no harm done okay create oh just adding a tiny little bit of heat here just to remove any bubbles um i know you've seen me do this before but be cautious if you're not used to using working with resin much every time you apply any heat it does force your resin to cure quicker so your working time will be less hope that makes sense anyway [Music] so four hours after i'd finished these these are dry to touch they are would still even imprint if i pressed on it but the bending this is the brilliant time to start to mold your artificial flowers.

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Because you want it slightly tacky so it's gonna grip like it did last time so i will cut around each one of these the reason being because these are transparent i want to keep the iridescent at the back of them i think that's going to add some beauty to theartificial flowers shop i've got a bars i worked on many many many months ago in last summer and i'm going to use these just to stand them in as i sculpt them i am going to um put some resin over this bars but it might be a good height vars to work on so what you will see me do is cut around each one of these individually and work on one at a time and i'll talk through the first one i do and then i'll fast forward the rest because when i did these last time i didn't talk out loud so i'll make sure i do that now so i'm just going to get organized by removing one of my boards and giving myself space to work in now get my camera set up and i'll try and make sure it's in focus this time for you whoopsie sorry that the camera isn't quite in focus for you but um i'm just trying to get it.

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At a height where i can twist them in front so i've got my vars just there these are the ones i worked on on the first batch just stood there they're all dry but i do have to come back and add my green leaves and things like that but let's see if i can stop this falling over all right we are going to cut around the artificial flowers first and then once i've got them cut in sections and there's a couple that's dribbled into each other not a big thing because i'm gonna be cutting them anyway so trying not to touch as much as possible but you might not be able to see but i can see that um that ignition dust really uh sparkling where i am um i'm not too sure if you can see it anyway i'm going to cut round and make sure i don't put this what is going to be trimmed off on top of the flowers otherwise it will stick together and i'm just trying to reduce marks but i do love some of these patterns that's in these leaves and the reason i did that rather than trying to make them a purposeful pattern is as i was hey siri stop as i was rolling the last ones uh the ones that had that little bit of detail showing through i think made them look more organic personal preference