5 Ways AI Is Changing Shipping and Logistics

In recent years, AI has been becoming increasingly involved with shipping and logistics. What's more, the reverse supply chain has also recognized the need to optimize their processes. The reverse supply chain has a focus on returns, refurbishing, remanufacturing, surplus and leases, and businesses need to find a way to make these processes more efficient.

Source: https://datafloq.com/read/5-ways-ai-changing-shipping-logistics/6743

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Greetings dear friend @rufusfirefly

Shipping and Logistics are areas that generate a large amount of data daily, the valuation of all this information would be optimized with the implementation of artificial intelligence. Previously all this large amount of data was stored and its analysis took a lot of time and work. Through complex algorithms it is possible to "tie ends", make connections and find similarities that allow predicting possible behavior.

Thanks for sharing.

All best, Piotr.

Thanks for this post. I agree with the author that AI logistics has a lot of positive aspects and provides an opportunity for this industry to function better. There are several popular usage ideas AI.

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