What's a slider? I put up a post about my profile pic. No one has answered it. I don't see any pic. Do you? If not, I'm thinking I used the wrong link. Unless, support has to approve the pic first.

no pic in your post - none of your posts
no approval needed
could be link or process
help question is done in different arena its to hard here . explanation to complexed

Instructions for adding a pic shouldn't be complex. Most places have a person upload the pic from their device. I've rarely been on a site that required a link.

I was able to get it to show. I figured I'd just try the different URLs until one took.

you drag it from the folder on your computer . some of this is a little tricky for instance
chatting in a blog is frowned upon because it takes away from others who made comments and vote on the subject of your post , decreases their reward in curation reward . people who contributed to your post and the subject . why should they support you if you decrease their reward or wast their vote on it .
Quality post and quality comments . can you say that these comments are a quality input to your post . why should then these comments not get down voted or flagged . This post is not an open form . I offered to help for nothing in exchange . my offer still stands in a form but controlled educational form .not in a post . I am a 44 rep worked hard for it can't afford a flag or downvote . I hope you understand

I'm the type of person that I go into, pretty much, every interaction anticipating a friendship will be made. Hence the reason to continue this dialogue. It doesn't seem like they have an option for people have private conversations. If they do, you're welcome to send me a message that way. Otherwise, I wish you success in all of your endeavors & that you get the best that life has to offer. Take care.

Yes they do , a lot of them example ,, and also the one I sent you . I just wanted to give you the best /proper way to get the information and assistance required to be successful . navigate the platform in a positive rewarding maner .

That's not what I meant. I'm referring to messages sent to one's inbox. All the forums/sites I've been on have that. Apparently, there are no inboxes here. I appreciate you're trying to help. I already mentioned what I'm seeking. Working one on one with blog owners & providing their content. Steemit isn't going to be the right fit for everyone. Nor should it be. There are plenty of other possibilities out there. Again, I wish you well.

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