A Quick Prediction (And An Update)

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Did I quite blogging? Am I dead? Well, obviously not. If you are one of my (very) few regular readers then don't worry, I'm still here, I am just very busy and crypto has to take the back burner. For non-regular readers I guess you can ignore this.



So now, on to that quick prediction.

Well, honestly it's not too much of a prediction since I'm not predicting an outcome; but that something will happen. You see, over the last three months or so Bitcoin has mainly stayed between 6k and 8k, with no major news or events. And as I'm always fond of saying, when Bitcoin goes sideways for a while it means something is probably brewing, because Bitcoin never stays the same price for long.


In addition to that, last year at about this time Bitcoin was hovering at around ~4k, only to skyrocket in the coming months and then crash in the ones that followed after. Will history repeat itself? I honestly can't say, but I can speculate that it could very well likely.


"Normal" postings should resume soon. ~N4TE/Nathan047


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