Earning as a Pakistani Student

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On an average, the Pakistani students differ from the ones abroad when it comes to supporting their family and being productive alongside education. It is very normal for an American student to work during or after highschool, that is at the age of 18 or before; students start working at a pharmacy, a general store, library or any other place that would keep him or her busy and earn revenue. It is taught by American parents to be productive, not waste time and introduce a habit of working and being independent.

Pakistani parents, on the other hand, do not even let their sons and daughters work until after high school. They make education a priority and tell them to focus solely on that or to enjoy life because that is the “golden time”, as they all say. Majority of Pakistan is known for doing so and not many earn before the age of 18. Even at 18, guys are advised to start working and take responsibilities as education becomes expensive in universities, and some students realize that their parents might be unable to support them through and through. Girls, on the other hand, are not encouraged to work. They are not allowed to go out and earn before their graduation. Now, this is the thinking of most Pakistani families, not all.

Success comes when both the genders work equally and on the same measures. Students should be encouraged to work before college so they get a sense of responsibility and work harder when they join college because let's face it, college all over the world is expensive. Pakistani students should be advised to work in a school, a training institute, library or even with their parents as a trainee. There is no harm in working voluntarily as it helps earn experience and creates a sense of serving humanity.
Belonging to a brown family, there are certain jobs that would suit best for students:

  1. Freelance writing
    One of the best and easiest ways to earn online is using your skill and ability to write. Freelance writing jobs are no doubt uneasy to get, but once you get hired, it becomes easier to get a different writing job via the reference. There are many platforms created solely for writers and they can earn a sufficient amount on the first go.

  2. Teaching at school/ tuitions
    One of the jobs every student considers is teaching at a school or tutoring their juniors. In Pakistan, there are many tuition centers and small-platform schools where they hire high school students to teach the lower grades. It is a productive way to earn money by using their previous education.

  3. Stocks
    Students interested in business and finance can also use their interest to invest in stocks with the help of an adult or a family member working in a stock market. Nowadays, the younger generation is keen on investing in digital currencies, which is a risky yet effective investment in certain cases.

  4. Web designing/ programming/ graphics designing
    Short courses online can be resourceful for learning web designing, programming or graphic designing which can be used to earn money. Numerous business professionals seek web designers for their website, which students can make through programming. There is also an increased demand for graphic designers online.

  5. Blog/ Youtube page
    Internationally, high school kids invest their time in YouTube and blog pages. Using Google AdSense, they can earn revenue for every viewer they get on their page.

  6. Working at a superstore
    Now, this is something Pakistani males would rather prefer. Superstores are usually always looking for supervisors because it is a job people leave and take frequently.

  7. Photography
    If you have a good phone, a DSLR or any camera with good results with a passion for photography, you can sell your pictures online for a decent amount. This is a smart way to earn through a hobby.

  8. Social media manager
    Many organizations demand a social media manager for their company. Social media is widely used by the younger generation, having the expertise and sufficient knowledge about its use and functions. These companies hire high school or college students just to manage social media.

  9. Uber/ Careem driver
    Students above the age of 18 with a license can also earn a handsome amount by driving. Many college students are seen driving an Uber or Careem after class which directly helps them pay for their education.