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News and media keep us up to date about current affairs and advancements in various aspects of life such as modern warfare, machinery, gadgets, and technology. It is necessary to stay updated about current happenings in your own country related to politics, entrepreneurship, investors, education, business, etc. Blogs about product review tend to be a great help for first timers and gives every individual an opportunity to voice their preferences and experience. Creating awareness and publicizing is yet another task that news and media companies carry out very well.

TechJuice is just the platform Pakistan was in need of. From education to business guidelines, inventories to cryptocurrency and much more, TechJuice has all the latest news and updates a Pakistani would want to know about. It is an online news media company consisting of talented and gifted writers who produce articles related to technology, entrepreneurship, mobiles, startups, cryptocurrency, and various other random topics.

One of the leading factors that boost a country’s economic status and stability is the desire of developing nations to reach the standard of developed countries and to be aware of modern trends. Articles, news, blogs and media organizations are some common ways people use for publicity and awareness. It has now become very common in almost every country to have such facilities where news of all sorts is readily available. TechJuice has proved to be Pakistan’s most widespread media company pertaining technology updates and current affairs with its primary area of concentration being startups and entrepreneurship. Such organizations will always benefit the nation as more educated people will come out to represent their country. There are not many such known platforms in Pakistan but as it is commonly said, quality over quantity, TechJuice has what it takes to make a country stronger in the field of education and literacy which goes hand in hand in with social and economic growth. It is this one big platform of all the information related to technology and recent news in the form of easy to read articles and comprehensible blog posts.

I personally believe that TechJuice has proved to be a great contributor to the lives of civilians. It forces Pakistanis to read, use online resources and understand the age of blogging and article writing. It has all the information a common man might need such as mobile and internet packages, the cost of phones and other devices in Pakistan, cryptocurrency stock market and much more, which are all very common and needed in everyday life. Not only that, but TechJuice is ideal for small business starters and entrepreneurs. It contains detailed articles about tips and methods to run and manage a business, the do’s and don'ts, and also about the startups in Pakistan. The reason TechJuice is so centrally focused on entrepreneurship is that it is an easy, self-employing way for fresh graduates to earn easy money and have a sense of business, boost creativity, a moral sense of freedom and the power to make your own decisions. It displays all the startup incubators, small businesses, and accelerators in Pakistan, which help us better understand the advancement in this sector in our country, that most were not aware of.

TechJuice also gives insight into the best universities for computer sciences and business studies all across Pakistan. With useful links and student reviews, it helps students decide what's best for them. Fee structure and test dates are a plus for students wanting to take admission in the top colleges as ranked by TechJuice.

Future is technology and machinery. With that said, cryptocurrency is also something that is becoming more and more common these days. There are many cryptocurrencies up till now with high success rates and benefits. All the developed countries are buying and

exchanging these currencies, and Pakistan is one of them. Keeping up with recent news and technology advancements helps us keep up with the other modern countries of the world. Blogs, news, and media are brimming with the topic and more effective ways of investments are being introduced. TechJuice also plays a major role in this community and helps to keep the Pakistanis up to date about advancements in cryptocurrency, their benefits, loss and its position in the stock market.

TechJuice is Pakistan’s leading news and media corporation that covers almost everything a man needs to know about the modern world and computers. It is an effective contributor to the modern society and helps in further advancings. More such platforms should be introduced in Pakistan with the same or better quality so that not only could our country keep up with the modern world, but also so that the people of our country can benefit from such blogs and advance in all spheres of life.


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