I do not work, I'm fun!-(Abdullah Abu Saeed Sir).

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There are some people who listen to those who are good at heart. Similarly, a man is Abdullah Abu Sayeed Sir. (Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed, the founder of the World Sahitya Kendra, Bangladesh. He is called the creator of an enlightened man.) His birthday on July 25th. An article was opened on Sunday, where a speech by Abdullah Abu Saeed Sir was printed. He gave this speech on his birthday in 2015.

491bb2929c79fd78b7a5b05a61e72f0c-5b543510b9205.jpgAbdullah Abu Sayeed

The digit does not enter my head any day. I'm always raw in the figure. It was first caught in class six. Our class teacher Pranakrishna Saha received salary from all. There's a lot of money, a lot of money, a lot of money, all together. He is not interested in counting so much trouble. I'm the son of Principal. Principals could not be found at the time. The son of a happy family, so sir thought, it can be believed. He said, earn a little. I started counting and finished counting successfully. Sir said, 'Now do one thing. Gone again. 'I counted new results. After every time I heard, there were new results. Sir said to me, 'Worthless!' I read that in class six, the meaning of the meaningless word is still not understood. I realized that he might address me as a grave organism. This way my digit started. When more racial classes rose, the situation became worse. We started to drop the numbers regularly. How do I pass the matriculation? I tested the test in the numbers.

So what I did, the arithmetic of magic, the algebra of KP Bose, and what was a geometry ... I had memorized from the beginning. Then our testers did not go beyond those three.

So in some way the question came, and I got the test number 75. I came back in old age and found that my education was not going to happen. Because of that I can not match my birthday. I do not know what's the birthday of mine. Once a girl called up and said, 'how are you sir?' I said, 'good. But the old man got up and said, 'He said to me,' Sir, you will not be old. 'I said,' why? 'He said,' Sir, there is an age to be old. You have passed that. '

Life is spent many days. I did not even imagine it so long. I thought that retiring in 55-57 years. Then there is a little story. Walk in the park. Oh oh yes with old age But I found my life completely inverted. There is no elder around me. From me seventeen to twenty-four More than that, I send back retirement!

However, the life has long gone. Good luck Because, no major disaster has come so far in my life. Mother died at a very young age. The place is empty, the place is not full. I dedicated two books to my mother's name. And I have written everywhere that the mother is the trouble of my whole life. It is irreplaceable. When my father died, I am very old. So I had the strength to bear it. There was no such problem.

We are eleven siblings. Generally, if we have 11 siblings in a lower-middle-class family like us, and if there is someone in the house who is the eldest son, then I The big boy is a fool. So there is some responsibility of the family to come out. But Dad died at the age when we were all standing around. So I escaped from that place. Then, the danger is that it could be there (showing a little distance sitting wife-B). But by tactfully avoiding it. And I learned that technique in my school life.

One day the boy who was in our house was lazed that he would not go to the market. He told me ten money that you bought and brought it. 10 of 1947 means a lot of money. I was very encouraged to go to the market and in a little while I discovered that the red money was not in my pocket. I returned home. Dad knew me. His idea about my advanced quality is so obvious that father said, 'I do not want to say anything to him. But I want him to send him an ass. "The donkey stood far away. So, the way the donkey is entertained, it is like this. It was said that I would not be sent to the market any other day. I felt a little humiliated. But in a short spell, I realized that an extraordinary fortune had gone in my life. I do not have to market anymore!

It was after marriage. My wife sent me to buy a chicken in the market. Gone out I saw that the market must go inside. Before that I did not go to the market any day. Where the chickens, where the cock does not know anything. So far away, I did not need to go away. People are standing in the market gate. Holding the chicken feet in his hands, the head down. The man threw a broom, the chickens were too shaky. I was told that the price was much lower than that. I thought, then more glory! Return to home like a hero, I returned with eight! Then there was a harem with a chicken and I saw that the chicken was looking at me. Probably he is seeing his killer.

So after reaching home, it was found that the chicken died. At the speed of the bus, the city went to the city that I returned home with dead chickens. Even then, how can I have confidence in me? And again the next day I was sent to buy chicken. I found out the most powerful rooster in search of the market. So there is no possibility of death. I am rickshaw with chicken, but his health is my period. She jumped out of my hands on the ground, and the rickshaw of my back passed over her neck. So I'm again a dead chicken ... the final of the insult! Then what is happening is being understood.

'You do not have to market anymore!'

I was sitting in the age to listen to this! I do not have to market anymore!

That's how my family life was cut. Then L-professional life. Teaching I saw father in my childhood, a great teacher! People used to talk to Baba in such a way that a deity is talking about. Then I was right that I would be such a teacher. But I did not know that much comfort in the teacher! I found out why my father was a god. There is no education in there. Two classes of high school every day. Six months leave a year And the awakened students became more awake for three more months! So nine months a year! This is better than homogenization! Homesteads eat a little lethality! If there is so much holiday, there is no objection to eating a little lethitithi. So, in this way, life began to live like a homage. So happy to do that. I have never been a literary movement, I went to television. I used to use life as much joy as possible.

Just gave a little chat. Because there was some hoax ... or found that the chat would start when I came. This little loss has happened in the life. And the damage was asleep. I read on the day that we spend six years of life in eating. And seven years in the toilet! There is a little more than eating. At the young age, I found that I was a bad man. When I read it, I can not understand anything, I can not even see it.

One thing I noticed is that everything looks good to me. Anything in my life is sweet like honey to me. It is said in a text of Aban Thakur that it is very nice. I often say students. Can people eat vendoragake? People can eat pomegranate. Why eat? Because there is juice in sugarcane, there is sweetness. I got the sweetness in all places of life. People say that you do so much work! I do not work, I'm so funny! I'm happy! So there was no trouble in life. With fairly empty ...

But ... one day you will be Ray Murr, Ore Hassan King. One day but the end of life comes. Still do not get anything. If I enjoy life, then my death should also be enjoyable. Nobody in this world has been able to avoid death? Who is alive today, can anyone? Who will come in the future, nobody can?

If I indulge death, death will catch my neck. So, I got what I wanted to do once the time of coming from Chandpur with the Meghna river. There was a sudden storm in the evening. It started to blow our launcher in such a way that six people were scared and dying. At that time I am standing beside Sareng. I saw the storm coming from where he turned the launch face straight. Through the middle of the Meghna, it started at full speed. She was but close. I said, why are you going from the middle to the middle, you will be drowned! He said, if I was dead, I would die. From which the storm is coming, I must go straight into the storm of the storm. Then I can survive.

So I think, when death has come before me, I want to stand face to face directly. I want to do my work, death should do its job.

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