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Hi once again my fellow Steemians!

I know I had signed off on my last post with an intention of sharing helpful info on Moringa leaves. Then a friend stopped by, who mentioned his arthritic condition; so I decided why not help out one person out at a time. In the current post I will share the view of early practitioners of Siddha medicine, on Arthritis.

As stated in my very first blog, almost all our bodily ailments begin with improper diets and with not following certain ground rules of clean eating. According to the Siddha system of medicine, the root cause of this disease is Indigestion. Indigestion results from consuming food mindlessly. Eating food when the food from a previous meal has not been fully digested and assimilated, results in indigestion. Also, eating foods that are hard to digest like cheese, deep fried, fats; while leading a sedentary lifestyle can cause indigestion.

Indigestion causes food in the gut to deteriorate because the natural rhythm is disrupted, so instead of a nutrient rich juice being absorbed by the blood vessels surrounding the intestines, a sticky toxin is made available to the blood stream. This sticky toxin is referred to as Awwn by the ancients and as ‘Plaque’ by modern medicine. This plaque when deposited in the heart results in heart ailments, when deposited in the blood vessels results in hypertension, when deposited in the brain causes memory loss and other brain related disorders like brain fog, Alzheimer’s, dementia etc. Similarly, when deposited in the joints, causes damage to the soft tissues, which doctors mistakenly refer to as autoimmune disorders. Truth is, one just has to reconfigure eating patterns, opt for clean eating habits, and stick to the plan to be rid of this health issue.

Here are some dietary Do’s and Don’ts to provide relief from Arthritis:

i) Include Ghee and other healthy fats in your diet. (ideally sesame/olive oil) Completely fat free diets do their share of damage, because the body relies on fat to grease and facilitate easy movement of joints. Ghee, is a fat extracted from cow’s milk by a special process, which makes it a valuable medicine to the body. Use about 1-2 teaspoons daily, avoid fats from deep fried foods or meats (they do more harm than good)

ii) If overweight, do your joints a favor and take a load off them 

iii) Cleanse the digestive tract through ‘water fast’. Method: Take 3 glasses of water and boil along with ¼ glass of fresh ginger juice. Keep sipping small quantities through the day. Preferable to take a huge meal in the morning before 8am. Then start sipping by 11am or so till 5pm. Have the next meal by 6:30pm. So there is enough time to digest the second meal before bedtime. Another method of cleansing the digestive tract is to add a teaspoon of castor oil to half a glass of tepid water and drink before bedtime.

iv) Avoid siestas at midday, just relax if need be.

v) Improve intake of calcium by consuming potassium and magnesium rich foods together. Don’t miss workout schedules, so muscles can share the workload of the skeletal system. Stronger muscles will mean less strain on the bone structure.

vi) When bathing always first start by pouring water on the feet then over other parts of the body. The body reacts to water by letting heat rush to the part where water first makes contact. It’s safer to let body heat rush out of the body through the feet. If you’re in the habit of letting water hit the head, you may be prone to premature graying. Another reason, the ancient healers advised us to avoid bathing soon after a meal, the loss of heat around the digestive tract leads to indigestion.

vii) If you’re looking for a massage oil to provide relief: Mix together 100gms each of the following oils – Castor, Neem, Mustard and Sesame. Heat required quantity and use to massage the affected joints.

If one assiduously practices these lifestyle changes, a noticeable improvement will be noticed within a month or two. Of course, you will understand then, it had nothing much to do with auto immune disorders 
Wishing @ daydreams4rock great health and even greater success in his music endeavors

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awesome blog and i will stop eating cheese and lose some weight -really good advice - much appreciation for your considered efforts in writing this for me


your most welcome. if it helps you overcome the ailment, that would be my biggest reward. Do have a nice day

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