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Hi Steemians! Good day to all of you. Last time I posted a digital fan art of Joker and on that post I showed you guys the step by step process. I promised that I'm gonna make an anime eye tutorial since I didn't go into further details regarding about that.

chibi eyes.jpg

So today's post is "HOW TO MAKE AN ANIME: CHIBI EYES". Remember that this is just how I make anime eyes. You can try to get some ideas on this post then make an anime eyes of yourself.

First, draw the eyelid and maybe some eyelashes to make it cuter.


Then pick the color of eyes. I'm going to make a red colored eyes so I picked a pinkish color. So choose first choose the base color that you want and then for the first layer choose a lighter shade of it just like what I did below.


Then by using your base color, color the upper side of the eyes and draw some lines as well on the sides. Just like what I did below.


After that use a brush with the color of the base to color around the pupil. You can try to play with the opacity and flow of the brush to achieve the effect or stroke that you prefer.


At the top of eye add another layer which is a little bit darker than the base.


Next add some highlights. You can do this by adding small white circles and by adding some lines around the pupil.


Then draw a white color under the pupil using a brush with low opacity and low flow to add more highlights to the eyes.

Another highlight technique is by adding the windows highlight. Just like what I did below. You can do this by using white color and by adjusting the opacity of the windows highlights.


Then just add some addtional details and you are done. You now have a cute bright chibi/anime eyes. You can now put face and a body to this eyes and it is ready to be posted here on steemit.



Here is a PNG for you guys to use for free.


Thank you so much guys for always supporting and reading my post. Please continue to support me and follow me if you want to see more of this in the future.




"This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License."

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