randommax in a day: Tissue roses

in artguildph •  last year 


I have loved roses for since I was a child.
The symbolism it holds as expression of love and admiration is passed on through people and even in books.

But this time, it has a different meaning.
Here's to the tears that'll dry out soon.

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Tears drop for a reason and one of them is to help wash the pain away. Let it drop and let it be. Keep moving forward sis.


Salamat. You know I've been trying everything I could to move on.

You guys have always been there for me naman e. So thank you.

Beautiful meaning

Your tears are not in vain, they will be rewarded. You will be mentioned in our edition # 4 do not miss it.

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Thank you so much for dropping by and for the upcoming mention. I see you have also resteemed my post. I do appreciate your kind words as well. Indeed, the pain remains though I know it will one day go away.