#15: Tree

in artguildph •  last year

Hi Steemians, first time I paint :) you can try this even if your a beginner.


Materials Needed:
paint brush
acrylic paint
piece of tissue paper

The Process:
First is stroke it by curved first color is red then orange and red and orange and so on,

then draw a branch of tree,

lastly put a leaves by circle.

Then your done :) Good job.

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Colorful drawing.
@Teardrops SMT imaginary @surpassinggoogle sent this tear of joy.

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First time, yet it seems that you're already experienced. Great work! I love the color combinations for your output. Keep it up!


Thanks @lunajey, yes i'm happy because a beginner like me, painted like i have already experienced :)

Lovely.. That's really nice


Thanks @ubongj