ArtGuildPH Contest #1 Update: An Art for Jose Rizal, deadline extended! Join now!

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ArtGuildPH Contest #1: An Art for Jose Rizal! Join now!

You can click on the link above to get to the main contest post for this theme. We have mentioned that contest ends 2 business days prior to post payout but since we would like to give you guys more time to make and submit your entries, we're extending the deadline up until post's payout date! That gives you more time to amaze us with your art!

Jose Rizal

  • He is considered as our National Hero
  • was a Filipino nationalist and polymath during the tail end of the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines
  • Wikipedia Link

We're advising you to read this blog post on how to post your artworks too: How to Properly Post Art - Tutorial by @SteemPH & #ArtGuildPH.

We will be waiting for your entries!

This article was published by @deveerei, one of the founders of @steemph core, lead moderator of @artguildph, member of @sndbox, and a @bayanihan curator.


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