Art explosion. Week 34. Entry.

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I don't think my drawing is hideously inappropriate.

It is a bit of a jump from my usual doodles, so just as a precaution to safeguard any sensitive people, I have used the nsfw tag.

It is erotica art week for the Steem-famous Art explosion 💥 Art contest hosted by @juiakpondsford.

It is week 34. Every week she delivers something awesome

I went for an abstract landscape / tree.

Fashioned mostly from from legs, curves, contours, crevasses and also some more specific intimate regions and...well... Tentacles too.

I do like landscape depictions of human form.

I couldn't decide if it was art.

In the right hands this design and approach could be deemed art.
In my hands however, it is possibly just rather strange and hideous. 😣

That is why I opted for the sensitive tag. As a warning.

Click at your own risk.

Anyway here it is.


It started as a A3 sketch with pencils.


...and just kept growing from there.



I would have liked to have reworked the idea. I was also planning to use ink and water colour to give it a drippy finish.

Alas, my hands are not behaving this week, so I had a fiddle with someone Photoshop settings.


I thought there might be salvation in adding colour.




Or maybe I could crop it in some way... ?

perhaps not like that...

This looks okay! Maybe because it is obscured some what.


Anyway, I had fun with this

That is the main thing.


Thanks steemit.




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Very creative and imaginative. I really like it.
I see the nature and tree-esque aspects for sure. But I also see a representation of division. The above and below theme. There's the tentacles of below and the legs above and even a higher layer of imagery above that (the leaves so to speak). Perhaps that represents a spiritual ascension. Also with the waves and tentacles it gives it a nautical theme. Good stuff. Oh and yes I see the sexual side of it as well.

Very erotic and symbolic. Fantastic graphic quality:)