ART EXPLOSION WEEK 76 - Drawing transitions to death.

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Hello friends of "STEEMIT", today I want to expose this artistic work done with the technique of colored pens, to participate in this art contest, which motivates us to work for good art at STEEMIT, greetings to @juliakponsford, for performing This activity where the theme is "Death", in my presentation I made a drawing where I make the stages of life, to reach the last one is death..

"transitions to death "

My point of view of the subject

It happens to all of us that thinking about death is a very negative psychological effect and we perceive it with fear of the unknown, but if we analyze well and with a more natural perception, we see that life is something wonderful, going through the different stages From being a child, then a teenager, we move on to our adult facet and become an old man, to take the big step towards death, why think that it will be so bad and negative? If so far the whole plan has been perfect, let us think well that this great step will open us to an extraordinary Universe that awaits us, with our luxury seat in the front row, let's try to lead our lives in positive and giving the best we have For the common good, when the time comes to leave, embrace the spirit of death and fly with it, towards that new adventure, this is my point of view and my perception, I hope to know yours in the comments, greetings.

Step 1 y 2

I make the sketch with the graphite pencil with the code "HB-2", because it is a very clear and easy to erase tone and we proceed to give the first layers of blue ink, very gently.

Step 3

In this image we can see small light and dark lines, which form a pattern where the textures and perspectives that project the image are formed and change towards the red color, I use a light tone and a darker red one, giving contrast with the black.

Step 4 y 5

Return to the blue tone to have a balance in the image in general and finish with the black pen tone.


Friends of "STEEMIT", for me it is a pleasure to share my drawings and explain the process of realization, with the aim that my blog is useful for many interested friends, in the magical world of visual art, if you are interested in this activity here This is the artexplosion contest.


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Amazing idea and great work!


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