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My loves ❦ My art works are made with a tablet, using an application called Adobe Illustrator which we can download for free in the Play store. My works are made between 9 or 10 layers which I will explain in 4 or 5 and likewise I will leave a GIF where you can see the full development my work

Today I once again to the contest offered by our dear @juliakponsford which this week does not have a specified theme, allowing us to express our creativity to the maximum, here I will be leaving the link so they can know more Contest.


My entry into the contest is called Homunculo, since that was the name given by a person who came into my life recently. The name is quite curious but I liked it and I think it fits very well with my drawing. To others the drawing was taken from an example that my new friend gave me, because he wanted me to do adding touches to tell me, basically was like a kind of drawing in particular.

Reference links



the first step is to open the application and choose the size of the sheet you are going to work with, and I selected a 1200 x 800

Then I start working, emphasizing that doing it by layer is better and makes it easier to work in case of possible errors that can not be erased.

First start with a sketch in which I used a mix of colors that will later give life to the face of my girl homunculus

After achieving the texture of the face I paint my girl's mouth homunculus and hair, using colors or shades pink, blue, purple and black

In this part you can already detail as I make the eyebrows simulating each hair, also the eyes of the girl in a sober color and the background of the image with circular details.

For the final part I added many details such as lighting and accessories for the girl to look more striking, her eyes are my favorite point because they are like wow, well from my point of view, I hope you like my proposal.

What do you think of the drawing? I remind you that you can leave all your comments, sweethearts of Steemit.


Here I leave the most detailed process of the realization of my work:

❤❤Previous works❤❤

Remember that every step of my digital drawings are made by me, to share it daily with you sweethearts.

❤❤Thank you very much for your support ❤❤


Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Your readers may be interested in this https://www.instagram.com/p/BjngJB4l1iH/?hl=en&taken-by=bluesssatan

Flagged for plagiarism

Actually, I think this is the original source: https://coub.com/view/zdxt8

Could be. Most of this accounts works’ originals can be found at the Instagram above though. Looks like they change them just enough to make it hard to find.

Hmm I have spoken with the creator of this post and it does look like she used that as a reference but created the art herself. I think it is always prudent to be very clear that you are doing a study, she states that she based this off an image her friend showed her, but she may have edited it since you looked, I haven't dug further on that.

This does not look like she took the original image but she did do a study, it seems surely done by two different artists:


@arelyz, I suggest in the future when you are using a reference like this to make it very explicitly clear so nobody is confused! This will protect your reputation and prevent suspicion.

Hi @juliakponsford, I respect your opinion on this case very much and will DM you the other examples for us to discuss? I never make claims without their being quite a bit of proof, yes if she would have sourced or explained rather than saying they are 100% here original works... that would have been acceptable in my eyes. This was reviewed by multiple people before coming to this conclusion and as far as the text about her friend sent her an image that she edited... well, maybe we all missed that... but would be curious what has been edited recently as well. If you feel we are wrong in our assessment here, then I will definitely reconsider. I’ll DM you what I have. Thank you.

Mesmerizing and trippy. Great choice of colors, really made me pause as I was looking through my feed.

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