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As I mentioned from my Introduction Post:

...I am hosting an art contest!

It comes from a big list of art prompts that are generally one word/phrase.

This week’s prompt is LOVE.

The WINNER gets all of the accumulated steem dollars on this post.


  1. Upvote this post & Resteem it
  2. Post your art in the comments below before Sunday (by the end of the week)
  3. Vote for your favorite artist’s picture in the comments w/ an UPVOTE on Sunday!

If you want you can write a description about your picture in the comments to help us understand your art and what it means to you. These prompts tend to be vague 😛

If you post this art on your own page, remember to use the hashtag #ArtContest2018

Follow my page to enter more contests! 💛

I am not entering myself into the contest but this is my drawing for this week’s prompt for the word “LOVE”.


To me, the purest form of love is loving without expecting anything in return. I drew a picture of a rich man giving a blanket, fresh pizza and water to a homeless man. The homeless man can give this guy nothing. That’s why this is love! It is pure kindness.

Good luck! 🍀

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Hello Friend how are you? It is my pleasure to participate in this nice contest promoted by @themodernwitch :)
I love the initiative of their contests, and I hope they have a lot of participation;)
In this opportunity the theme of this week is about love! There are many definitions for this and each one interprets it in their own way.
This time I share a drawing I made about Mother Nature and in which I drew some animals that are unfortunately in danger of extinction such as the panda, the bengal tiger, the rhinoceros, the lion, the polar bear, the kangaroo and the blue macaw. Also add a horse and some butterflies for being incredible animals like all.
I love animals, nature, and that is why I designed this because I want everyone to love and take care of our nature.
Let's take care of her. :)
I hope you like it ;)


Si gustas, aqui esta el proceso de mi dibujo:


Wow I love this. The colors are so beautiful!!! Great message too. Thank you for sharing :) @juanzcorpion


Thank you! ;)

Thank you for nominating me, I really love your idea 💜

My picture symbolises "universal love". We are all made of stardust and connected with each other. In fact everything is love and we are all seeking for it in a way. Sometimes we forget that we are all human and made of the same "ingredients". We should treat everyone with kindness and empathy.


This is a recent painting I did. Simply titled "Love Holds Me"
It's acrylic, and oil pastels on canvas, 16x20 inches.

I hope this is OK to enter into the contest. Look forward to seeing other pieces entered...




Wow, this gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing ❤️

Hello everyone!
And a special greeting and gratitude to Ms. @themodernwitch for informing me about her awesome Art Contest: Showcasing Artwork around the theme of Love!

To me, love is defined by those who feel love. It can be explained almost differently by every single person, because we are all unique. We are all special, and when we share our deepest values and most intimate thoughts and actions, we experience love! Not in receiving, not in owning, not in expecting. Rather, in offering. In kindness, in generosity and empathy. All of us as human beings use these qualities and blending them in our own specific way, that makes love unique to us all.9.jpg
This is my entry. A couple I had the privilege of drawing and in my journey throughout sketching them I asked how they got together, what keeps them together and what makes them stronger together. For 15 years since high school ages of 15 to their ages now of 30. Kindness was their answer of what got them together, and keeps them together. Through their different personalities but strong foundation, they give love to each other.

Thank you so much again to @themodernwitch for informing me about this opportunity.

Everyone please have a blessed day!!! One love <3

Really good idea !

Awesome. Exciting.