Impression for ARTQUEST-TRAIL #12

19 days ago
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For ARTQUEST-TRAIL #12 we are looking at the work of Rafal Olbinski


This picture is cold, cold and betrayal.

Two people who are supposed to be intimate, cuddling or kissing in the same bed, are separated far away as if a very deep valley in-between them.

The woman is naked, but the man is not, he is still wearing his under shirt. And they are not looking at each other. What happened with them. The woman is beautiful, and she is smiling. She might not know what really happen. She has been receiving letters, could it be bills? or the man sends the letters to tell her that he is okay. Right so that's why she smiles, after reading the letters she thinks everything is working well.

There is a ball rolling on the floor, i think they have family together, one kid, maybe two kids.

But the man has been drinking, the woman might not know. The man could be drinking with someone else, the wine glass looks fancy. Is he cheating. Is he betraying his beautiful wife and family? Is he going out with another person?

We cannot see the man's face, he could be hiding it from us, he doesn't want to be seen.

The bed looks fragile on that cliff, one wrong move and it could split into two.

Man, get yourself together otherwise your family would collapse and nothing's left, as if everything will be buried in that deep, deep valley.

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  ·  17 days ago

very interesting and very different from my interpretation. I would have never thought of him hiding.

  ·  17 days ago

thank you for your feedback @sumsum :)