Artchallenge #12 - Entry 1

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There's a lot going on here! This seems like a lovers quarrel to me. There's a rift in intimacy both emotionally and sexually which is symbolized by the chasm between them. Physically, they still share the same general space which is represented by the bed and which acts as a bridge between them. There's still a connection, they are still committed to each other, although the bond is being stretched thin at the moment, otherwise the bed would have broken and fallen into the chasm. The nightstand near the man represents and image of a shared life between the two. Two glasses and drinking from the same wine bottle...a representation of life. A time when they were happy and together. This also goes for the two shrubs on her side, growing together. But both are two different ideas of the same thing. Maybe that's what went wrong with these two.

The white dove of peace (as dove's are usually represented as a peace symbol) carrying letters over to the woman from the man's side of the bed, are neglected an unopened. An apology? She's pissed, though, and not ready to forgive. Yet the bed remains unbroken and the clouds are clearing letting in the night sky which suggests hope for the situation. The way she's laying suggests she's exposed and vulnerable. The man might have said something that was very hurtful and insensitive and is trying to amend the situation. He's sorry for it, otherwise he wouldn't be sending the dove.

The red ball is a symbol of their passion. Red is usually a symbol of passion and fire and in this case it's small and dull and off to the side, away from the bed. The ball is also a symbol of childhood or more innocent days. It's now on the cold ground away from the bed laying untouched suggesting that the passion is gone from this couples union and the fun and playfulness they once shared in the early days of their relationship seem to be over.

Rafal Olbinski painting.jpg

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Thanks for sharing! This painting speaks volumes!

I think it goes in many marriages like that.I like your idea And look forward to your next one@scotty777


I'm glad you enjoyed my interpretation :) It's kind of fun to try to figure out this type of art with so much symbolism involved.