Art Bell King of Paranormal Radio Dead at 72.

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Art Bell King of Paranormal Radio Dead at the age of 72. 

  He was the originator of the now famous coast to coast radio show where he was the just as famous radio show host. That's where he got the handle as the "King of Paranormal Radio" I will agree he was the one that brought everyone in the door to the stations that hosted that late night radio show. It was the place where late nighters, night owls and people of the night can huddle down and listen to the high strangeness of the night in the witching hours of three am.Where to normal people would have their dose of ghost stories. His radio show coast to coast brought in a cool work place tool that everyone would get facinated over so much so that many people would set alarm clocks to wake them in the middle of the night for programs that would influence them to do so. Art Bell was to the paranormal world and late night radio, heck all radio, what Wolfman Jack was to rock n roll. 

  For me Art Bell was the facilitator of a cool place to tune into and chill and listen and observe the high strangeness coming in from guests and call in callers on the facinating topics such as ufos,aliens,cryptids and all other paranormal subject. I grew up in a huanted house and was always mystical myself, so for me Art Bell made me fit in just fine where as outside that radio show I was considered a nut job because of the times of the 1990's and most people back then just did not accept people of paranormal experience. But Art Bell and coast to coast welcomed it and that's why I liked Art Bell because he was the trend setting to do so the innovator that did it first. That's why I liked him.

  Art bell also worked in film and had children and three wives all at different times of course. Art's IMDb link can be found here

Art Bell Rest in Peace.

James Borg

Uforia Chronicles 

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