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"This is my Budapest" pictures fresh from the press.V1.jpg
A long missed piece of mine on Budapest is ready after four months' work. I have built up a Budapest the way I Iike it, the way I see it. 28 landmarks can be seen on it placed geographically, but not with cartographic exactness. I built around them the lively, bustling elements of the view of our city, houses of characteristic style, streets, shops, vehicles, ads, peoplle, animals and the funny scenes that can be found on all of my pieces. These all add the color of my city.

This is my Budpest.v3.jpg


The 28 highlighted landmarks






























been to budapest few months ago :O)

This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

This is amazing! I live in Budapest and its the best city in Europe by far! : )

Great work, very colorful with a lot of details... The Budapest tourist office should engage you. A print like that makes you want to visit the city :-)
@tipu curate

Very true! Maybe something he could present to them.

Thank you for your kind words! 😁

Really awesome art man - I want to go to Budapest next year when im back overseas!

Thanks! 😁 You won't be disappointed in Budapest.

I have no words! That is absolutely incredible! Im so pleased that i stumbled across your post today, truly beautiful art! Well done

Wow ! I love it !!!
So many details... Great artwork man ! :)

This is awesome and beautiful. I love seeing things like this when scale or position is fixed but creativity gets the other elements. The colors are also wonderful.

Thank you for your kind words! 😁

Beautiful !! What can I tell you: grateful for introducing us to your Budapest. There are so many details and fabulous colors....This post is fantastic! You won my heart. I will do resteem.
A big greeting @zsolt.vidak

Thank you @marcybetancourt ! 😁 And thanks for sharing!

Wow that's spectacular piece of art-I will visit budapest in December

Thanks! 😁 good idea! You won't be disappointed in Budapest 😊

This is so beautiful, even though I have never been to Budapest, seeing this alone motivates me to want to visit. Thumbs up man 👍

Thanks! 😁 Come and visit Budapest! 😊

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Fantastic work! so colorfull and detailed :)

Looking good with so much detail. I guess it would also make a great puzzle!

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Thanks! 😁 puzzle is good idea.

Yeah, your details are really awesome! Last time I saw your post (when I made the comment) it was on my phone, so I didn't even know about all your details! The rubber duckies in the pond around Vajdahunyad castle made me laugh, so did the animal statues on Heroes' Square, and the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil construction workers. I guess normally one would not even look at these things, unless trying to complete a puzzle. Great job!

BTW, would you like a shirt? (Kérsz egy sört?)


Hey @zsolt.vidak, here is a little bit of BEER from @stortebeker for you. Enjoy it!

Wow! You are highly talented artist. These pictures will keep so many people interested and happy. Keep up with the good work! :)

This is incredible! Must be so much work! I'm an artist myself but I really feel humbled by this piece. Thanks for sharing. This made my day!

This should be on trending side ! Really awesome!

Hello Hello!

Omg! I love this kind of art, it looks so colorful and eye catching in any space haha

Greetings from Venezuela ♡

Thanks! 😁 Greetings from Budapest 😁

wow! I can't imagine the amount of time this must have taken to make! a lot of details, everything fits perfectly! wow! Is amazing :D love to color palette also :)

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Wow this is so accurate! I've been to Budapest many times and the attention to detail here is amazing! well done!

oh dear @zsolt.vidak, you are very good! I really admire your work very much, every photo is a little jewel, full of color and details of your city! do you do it for work or is it your passion?
keep on and congratulations on the curie vote

Thank you @road2horizon ! 😁 it is my passion, I created it for myself.

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