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My illustration for Symposion magazine.

I created this sketch-illustration to a poem of Otto Tolnai.

Photo of the magazine


The magazine looks like this.


I created the also the back cover illustration. Portrait of Otto Tolnai.

I placed a pen next to the magazines. So it is easier to see the size of the magazine.

Digital work with Wacom intuos pro.


baska31.jpg baska2.jpg
Check my previously illustration


Hi @zsolt.vidak, thanks for sharing such a beautiful window into your illustrated world! We wanted to reach out to you regarding a Steem-based magazine project with the hope of collaborating :)

When you have a moment, please shoot us a message via email. Looking forward to connecting! - [email protected]

Thank you so much for your kind words and support! I am glad you like my works. :)
The magazine's idea sounds exciting! I'll send you an email right away.

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