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SNDBOX commissioned me to create sketches for the article: "It's kind of like".

This post is a survey of creative people trying to describe blockchain/crypto with analogies/comparisons to different things/systems.

I had to draw simple sketches for some of the best analogies in this contest.

One of the winner comment:
"Crypto is like a millennial's avant-garde veggie-based diet... like a cucumber burger! Yes! You are going to pursue it because it is going to change the world... and your life. But truly... you will never be able to fully get it till you reallyyy get it. And... it is painful because you know that meat consumption is so tasty. No matter how great the crypto is... you will never be able to leave Sir. Benjamin for good..."
by: @mintvilla

I drew a sketch analogy for this comment.

I show you the process.

Finally, the whole process in a gif animation.
Digital work.

Thank you for watching! :)


I like this sketch!

Nice combination with spices with burger on center. Art creativity really explodes your works bro. Keep it up.

Seems like timely work.. Congrats on working with sndbox ..much respect

Thank you! :)

Thanks for sharing your creative process. More than the artworks, I love seeing the processes behind it. It gives us a glimpse on how an artist’s mind works. I’d love to learn more about Illustration this year and this post inspired me to start working on it soon.

Thanks! I am glad that I inspired you with my works and by showing the work process.
Thank you for resteem my post. :)
I wish you a lot of power and enthusiasm for learning!
I follow you.

I like those burger in a bitcoin flag! Nice art friend! Interesting.

Thank you! :)

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