The Amazing Banana Chicken

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Confused by the title of this blog post? It's okay, "The Amazing Banana Chicken" will make sense once you see the photo below. Check it out!

The Amazing Banana Chicken.jpg

Several hours, days, and months were poured into this massive, quirky piece.

Here's how things started:

Two years ago I was doodling and I had the desire to create a wacky, unheard of creature.

"Apple snail?" no.
"Watermelon snake?" nahh.
"Banana Chicken?" BINGO!

Here's a picture of me developing this new "Banana Chicken" idea :


I WAS IN LOVE! My fruity chicklet was beautiful!

One of my neighbors stumbled across this image. When we talked about my doodle, she had hearts in her eyes. She wanted to commission me to create a giant "Banana Chicken" for her house. After all, she did own six chickens.

So, I stopped by and talked out some details with her. And I saw her chickens too.
I felt inspired.... so I started my massive piece!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Things were all making sense now! Several months later I finished my artwork!

The Amazing Banana Chicken.jpg

TAA DAA! Don't be shy- zoom in and check out all of the details that took hours to put in!

Here's a little more information about this piece:

Title: "The Amazing Banana Chicken"
Medium: Mixed Media (prisma colored pencils, markers, watercolor, gel pen)
Size: 28 in X 21 in
Date: October 2015- May 2016

Banana what? Banana Chicken! This circus like representation of the amazing Banana Chicken shows the boldness, power and quirkiness of this fantastical creature. I created a hyper realistic artwork of what this fantasy fusion would look like in reality.

P.S. THIS BLOG POST ISN'T OVER! Check out the pictures below :-)

I LOVED my fruity creation, and at that time I had just learned how to screen print (aka a special process of putting ink on paper). So, I recreated my piece into a screen print to sell to my friends.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

BANANA CHICKEN WAS A HIT! The other day a stranger went up to me asking if I was the mama of this wacky creation. She ADORED my fantasy fusion! A week later I sold her a print.


My peers wanted me to extend on my idea. While thinking of concepts, the craziest idea popped in my mind, so I put it on paper. And what do you know- MARILYN MONROE BANANA CHICKEN was born!

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

I made shirts of this new beauty and a week later ... SOLD OUT!

I hope you enjoy my artwork and blog post! Follow, upvote, ask questions or comment below! I would love to here what you guys have to say about this piece.

Thanks Steemians and have a nice day!!! :-)

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Sooooo do you have any banana chicken t-shirts and/or could you make one??


Hi! I’m glad you are interested in my design :-) the banana chicken shirts sold out, but I still have some screen prints left for sale