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These are incredible! The detail is amazing. Following you for sure!


truly amazing. I like the last one, having an island on its back/on top.


thanks! me too, I kinda wanna go there... see what its like.

These are gorgeous!


Thank you Julia!

SO GOOD .. INNER-G .. ALL the WAY !!! - )))
.. LOVE what YOU share !! - ))

greb'Z )


Thanks man!

these are awesome, is that first one a play off the angler fish?


thank you... I do love the Angler fish, but that drawing just sorta evolved on its own.

These are all really good! Thanks to @mikolyytinen for resteeming your post. I'm a fan already.

@artwatch - check this out.


thank you!

Cool stuff, low on votes but ill be back.


thanks Woody!

I love the last two. Amazing detail @zenithwombat


thank you!

Damn! That is awesome. Last one is my favourite too. The style and details


thanks, the last one is my favorite as well.

Those are really nice drawings. Any inspiration behind these?


well... not really. I love scaly slimy creatures in general, and fish things are fun to draw... but honestly most of the stuff I draw just grows out of the first lines I lay down... and I usually have no idea where something is going.. usually I start with eyes and then build the critter around them.


Well, you are definitely gifted my friend. I hope to see more of your creations. Cheers.

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I like the last one very much. Must be because of the fort on his back :)
Keep it up.

Outstanding detail, and great creativity. It's a joy to see this. I'll be following.

CRAZY cool sketches, love it!!