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RE: Ethereal Beauty ~ A New Colouring Sheet ~ 12 Hours Later...

in #art4 years ago

Holy shit welcome back!

I had to double take when I saw it was you. Good couple month break? It will be good to have you back for sure broheem.

My hobby lately has been gaming. Connecting in the evening over discord with the guys and running over people in GTA5 has been the flavour of the month.

I am picking up the guitar for a couple projects as well.

Welcome back!

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I'm alive Zeke LOL. Thanks for checkin in. Glad to hear you're breaking out your guitar! How cool is that!
I'll have to find out more about the gaming thing too, man that sounds fun!

The gaming thing comes and goes as it has for the last 20 years. Right now, it is just so much fun to throw the headset on, have a beer and steal a whole bunch of cars with friends.

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