Ship model own hands

in art •  3 years ago 

Hello Steemit! Hello friends.

First of all I wish you all a good day.

Exactly three months ago, my younger brother, who literally just 9 years decided to make a small model of the ship with their own hands.

For this he used such material as wood, thread, matches, cloth, and of course the paint.

Of course, I doubt very much that got so beautiful model ship, but yesterday he finished and gave me :) I was very surprised how realistic and beautiful he came out and of course I was very pleased!

My surprise and joy, so far does not pass, because my little brother just nine years old, and he himself with his own hands could do such a beauty!

And so I decided to show you this beauty. And I hope you like it too!

Thank you very much for your attention. Once again I want to say that this model of the ship made by my younger brother, him only 9 years old :) I hope you enjoyed it.

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This is very awesome, your brother has a talent and the eye of an artist, I would be so proud of him too!

Thank you so much. Really very beautiful and realistic.