Origami art (modular origami) - Angry Birds

in art •  3 years ago 

Hello Steemit! Hello friends.

Today I want to show you my new job in origami namely - Angry Birds.

I spent on the job for about 4 hours, like turned out not bad, but unfortunately not as I wanted:( I hope you will like it.

Thank you very much for your attention. Have a nice day:)

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Great post, I really like your unique way of creating origami.

Thank you so much :)

Thanks @angrybirds

Your welcome :)

Thank you, hope you'll enjoy the weekly reviews,
Steempower AngryBirds

Yeah I do my best keeping up with everything. I will try my best!

Steempower AngryBirds

SP da bomb!

Steempower AngyBirds

Great post,
Thanks @angrybirds