Turorial paper airplane for children by @yusmi

in art •  4 months ago

Hello friends creators of art and good content of the platform .. here I present you how to make a fun toy for our children to have fun for hours ... it is a paper airplane made with sheets or material to recycle. Suggest the steps in the video and you will also hear it. Greetings from Venezuela.

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Sweet video!


Thank's my friend...

Good job girl... great work. Congratulations

Que interesante tutorial @yusmi... me hiciste recordar de momento mi infancia... bendiciones para ti.

Yes it's really fun! There are so many ways to make paper airplanes, as I remember in my chilshood when I was in elementary school we could make it by 7 or 10 different ways!


It truly is a beautiful experience in the infacia of many children, especially those who are in school. Thanks for the visit.