Yucca Rose Paintings - Longing And Belonging - A Mother's Love - Baby Katana

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Yucca Rose - Grow Up Katana.jpg
Yucca Rose - Baby Katana - Partial Image

An original early painting from 2005 named A Mother's Love - Baby Katana - Acrylic on canvas (reposted with better color correction) - This painting is part of my series Longing and Belonging, a growing series of paintings, drawings and sketches featuring my precious little family and close friends in very intimate and vulnerable settings.

This particular work depicts baby Katana sleeping next to his mother ... revisiting a favorite theme: A Mother's Love.

Technically, these early paintings are quite interesting as they are showing my transition from a more realistic (old school) style to slowly finding my own creative ways...

I still own these quite personal and (for me) very important artworks, since I want to be close to them and could never sell them. The painting is on display at our Family Restaurant and Gallery in Cilandak, South Jakarta.

Other paintings from the Longing And Belonging series:
The Wedding Couple
A Mother's Love - Jazzi Ahimsa

The Art Of Yucca Rose.png

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Very nice work @yuccarose and it's great that you are able to hold on to them! I bought a work from an artist about 8 months ago and she lamented letting it go. Resteeming. I would suggest you take a look at Sokuntevy Oeur's works as she's in Berlin (from Cambodia).


Thank you very much for your kind support. I looked at her art, she is amazing. I like the ethnic influences and the bold colors. She has not forgotten her home country ... cool. We are both Asian at heart, even though we spend time in Europe. Thank you again for pointing me her way. Please have a look at my other art here or at Niume - just google Yucca Rose :-)

One of my favorites - even your early work amazes me.


Thank you, sayangku

I really liked the style of this work!

Come to visit me and sign up for friends.
I'm a designer and a little artist from Siberia.


Thank you very much for your kind comment. I like your style ...