Artist of the Day: Tony Smibert - presented by @yourservice

in art •  2 years ago

Who: Tony Smibert

What: Watercolour artist, writer and educator

Where: Tasmania, Australia

Why: I discovered Tony's book "Tate Watercolor Manual" while I was
at, of all places, The Tate Gallery in London. The book, which walks
you through the processes of how the old masters painted their works,
is full of step by step lessons as Tony breaks the process down. I not
only loved that, but his paintings as well which were spread
throughout. I was drawn to his simplistic, clean yet bold paintings.
They spoke to me so much that I actually got in touch with Tony and
inquired about learning from him in Tasmania at his
home/studio/school. It hasn't happened yet, but I want it to so am
keeping the idea close. And yes, I bought the book. Tony is recognized
as one of Australia's leading watercolourists.

Medium: Water Colours, Ink, Text.

Reputation: Very well established having had exhibits in Europe,
South East Asia, Japan, The Americas and Australia.


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