Onion Hut : Environment Painting

in art •  last year 

Here is a little onion shaped hut I made a few months back.

prints available here: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/yog_joshi/

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Love this one, @yogjoshi ! You captured that dusk feeling in a marshland so well <3 The lighting is so wonderfully done that a viewer can immediately feel the inviting warmth of the onion hut~

Effective framing, also. With the darker growth of foliage in the foreground, you establish that we're 'stumbling' upon the hut <3 And the detailing of the forest around it and behind it and the small fireflies near it, all add to a complete and beautiful illustration <3

Wow thank you for noticing and appreciating all the details. It's nice to know that you also feel the mood I was going for :-)

I really wanna see an animation set in this little swamp/forest setting you been posting lately.... this is really dope stuff homie!!

thanks man! Oh! Funny you say that because I was actually thinking about animating this scene. I started cutting up the scene to prepare for it but I dont know if I will actually do it. Regardless I have plans to animate a scene with a similar mood.

That thing is much too cute for its own good. I would just about put up with the mosquito swarms that would probably be in residence to live there XD gorgeous lighting!

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haha I think I would also put up with some mosquitos to live here. Thank you! :-)

I love the perspective on the hut @yogjoshi and how it looks like someone is peering through the leaves to look at the hut. It's probably an animal who likes onions D:

Lol! How did you know?? The forest is filled with animals who love onions ^_^

This is very adorable! I really like that onion hut glowing in the dark, this scene looks so adventurey and exciting. Very good ambience, love it a lot :).


Thank you! Glad to know you enjoy the overall mood.

Wow I love it ! :o

thank you!

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