Water Splash Animation study (Process Included)

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Here is a water splash study I did following a tutorial on flashfx's blog. I am trying to learn some fx animation so I can apply it to my environments. This animation was made using photoshop and a plugin called AnimDessin2. It makes animating in photoshop much easier.

giphy (1).gif

A rough breakdown of each frame.

water splash_feb24_20180000.png

water splash_feb24_20180002.png

water splash_feb24_20180003.pngwater splash_feb24_20180005.pngwater splash_feb24_20180007.pngwater splash_feb24_20180009.png

water splash_feb24_20180011.pngwater splash_feb24_20180013.pngwater splash_feb24_20180015.pngwater splash_feb24_20180017.png

water splash_feb24_20180019.pngwater splash_feb24_20180021.pngwater splash_feb24_20180022.png

And here is a break down with a little clean up and color and shading added.

water splash_feb24_20180000.pngwater splash_feb24_20180002.pngwater splash_feb24_20180004.pngwater splash_feb24_20180006.pngwater splash_feb24_20180008.pngwater splash_feb24_20180010.pngwater splash_feb24_20180012.pngwater splash_feb24_20180014.pngwater splash_feb24_20180016.pngwater splash_feb24_20180018.pngwater splash_feb24_20180020.pngwater splash_feb24_20180022.png

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Excellent animation and great step by step image.

Can you tell me more about this AnimDessin? I’m quite interested in the plugin since you said it makes animation easier.

thank you scrawly! Basically animdessin has more advance onion skin settings which allows you to see a few frames ahead and or behind. It also has shortcuts that make the workflow much easier. Here is a video that explains it well

This is very interesting, especially because it's also free?! :O
Thank you for letting me know :).

love this! so amazing and cute animation! i´m always looking for ways to create characters and enviroments ´cause i have a lot of stories to tell but i don´t have the ways to make it. so, i give you my best.

thank you seraphin, glad to hear that! :-)

ohhhh i love this, @yogjoshi ! great result in splishysplashsplash! and the step by step is super thorough and descriptive <3 very good ! love your stuff, man! <3

Thank you veryspider!! Glad you enjoy it :D

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