Drawing a Killer Whale!

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Hi Guys! It was an day full of anxiety and headache and had to take my mind off suttfs that is happening around, so my getaway is doing some art. Yes, it makes me feel naturally immersed into the place where I feel nothing but peace. Most of the time, I find it difficult to decide what to draw but today I decided in an instant that I will do a killer whale so immediately I googled up some pictures and found the one that could be todays subject of my escape. Immediately I assembled the brushes, paper, pencil, water and poster colours and started my journey to my sanctuary.

The Final Outcome!


I later on realized that today it turned February but I signed as January. Maybe I am strolling a day behind, letting everything run ahead. So, The majestic Killer Whale also called Orca has always intrigued me as they are fascinating in every way. Their black and white colour make them so beautiful and the white patch which looks like their eye makes them so exquisite. Their social behaviour and relationship with human beings is also very interesting. I remember watching a movie made on a killer whale but can't remember the name which was fun to watch. They are not endangered species but with carelessness of our species many are endangered, since Killer Whales has no predators known so far they will continue to be with us for a long time. Well, I haven't seen a real one yet as my country is landlocked, I guess I have to thank the Internet and the TV for this one.

Moving on, I would like to show you guys few snapshots taken during the drawing process.

Sketching the outline of the Orca


Using Blue for Water


Coloured with black and made some shadows!


Working on highlights on water and smaller details to finish.


If you have any feedback or suggestion do comment below. I would be very happy to know where and how I can improve. I am using busy app for this post and my previous posts and receving support for my content. Hope you guys like the artwork and do follow me if you would like to see future works.


I can imagine how art could be your getaway🙌🏼. For me, music and fitness is my getaway. It’s great to have that something that you can escape to for a while in a situation where you need it most.

Thanks @heavenlydoms! I feel relieved that I picked up art after a long time. Music is nice but fitness is quite not my thing.

Thanks for sharing. Looks good so please do share in future as well :)

Thank u @fionajean! Keep looking! You will find so many good things here on steemit!

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