Drawing a girl with a ball point pen!

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Hi Guys! How about drawing with just a normal ball point pen? Well I tried and judge for yourself what can be done with simple things if you give time, energy and dedication. Well, in my verdict the artwork is decent being my first with the ball point pen. Initially I had few problems drawing it and rectified with a different solution. See for yourself what was done:

I used just a normal ball point pen, a sketchbook, a normal pencil for sketch and poster colours later on. Below is the process of the artwork development and will explain why I used poster colours when I first intended to use ball point pen only.

The sketch

Starting woth hair

The face and below! I didn't like the hair structure for the face and covered bulky hair with white poster paint.

Added yellow for dimension!

Signing Off after few touches here and there!

If you have any feedback or suggestion do comment below. I am using busy app for this post and previous posts and receving support for my content. Do check out the app.

If you would like to check my other artworks, please visit my profile. Hope you guys like the artwork and do follow me to see future works.


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Oh wow that is very impressive ! With ballpoint pen! You've inspired me to try it now :D

Thanks! I would like to see your work with ballpoint pen.

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