Blooming Sunflower Artwork!

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Hi Guys! One thing for sure is while drawing I've found out that it relaxes my mind and additionally I do a little bit of research on my subject matter which has helped me to know stuffs that I would probably never stumble upon. There is something interesting about everything in this world let it be just a simple stone or as beautiful as a flower. Today my subject matter was a flower, a special flower that has so many interesting facts and benefits. Well, contemplating on what I said before I think I should try drawing stones tomorrow. Till then here is the blooming sunflower I drew today:


Sunflower, as the name suggest has an intimate relation with the Sun, the head of the Sunflower track the direction of the sun when light in size and the behaviour is called heliotropism. A sunflower not just a flower but actually thousands of flowers. Everybody must have heard about Sunflower Oil and used it as well but did you know sunflower seeds are used to make snacks as well. The oil has many uses aside from being edible like softening leather, animal feed, bio-diesel and heck lot of things. It is national flower of Ukraine and state flower of Kansas and is the only flower with "flower" in its name. The sunflower seeds follow the fibonacci sequence which occurs in many natural objects. Fibonacci Sequence has many uses uses in mathematics and trading which has been developed as fibonacci retracement and extension and is widely used to analyse the underlying subject. Well there are more interesting facts if you love to know more about Sunflower. Just google it and Here is the link to the reference picture I used for today drawing

I made the artwork with Sakura Koi watercolours using various sizes of brushes on a 140 gsm watercolour paper. I used a pencil for sketch and a black marker for the flower center. Please have a look at the few snapshots taken during the drawing process:

A light sketch

Making spirals of the flower center with black marker

Colouring the flower petals and the center part

Colouring the rest of the flower

Making Background and finishing touches

How did you like the Sunflower drawing. Please comment if you have any feedback or suggestion below. I would be very happy to know where and how I can improve. Hope you guys like the artwork and do follow me if you would like to see future works.

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