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Hello Steemians

Here I am back with a new post under the tag "Art". Like I said in my previous post I have planned to mention the road map of
How I am planning to deliver all my post ??
What to expect ??
What is in it for my followers ??

Here we go

Let me reiterate the A to Z that I am gonna cover through my blog....

Art, Bitcoin, Car, Dance, E-commerce, Fashion, Ghost, Health, India, Jamming, Kites, Love, Music, Neighborhood, Office, Parks, Queue, Restaurant, School, Tamil, Universe, Violin, Watches, Xmas, Y, Zoo….

I guess you all might have guessed what my first choice of content would be ???

Yes Of course Its "Art"

Since its my first post I wanted to make it more interactive and fun filled with contest and games involved in it.

When there is contest there will be definitely winners and rewards as well.

When there is game involved I am pretty sure there will be fun.

Now surf through my post to see my road map for "Art".

|-------> Introduction to digital Art through my first illustration
|-------------> Every blog will contain a contest and a hidden clue for a treasure hunt game
|-------------------> The first person to Upvote get a reward, first person to reply will unlock the hidden clue for the game
|------------------------> End of every topic I will announce the winner of the contest & the treasure hunt game.

Any suggestions or feedbacks please feel free to reply to this post.

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