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In effortless change, DADA materializes with countless timeless eyes. Dada, dada, here and there, with a clue and some DADA everything can be found. They have a DADA show, they said that was nice. And there they stand, still and solemn, because of DADA of finest quality.
Did not you understand the story? It was never about them but about Dada. Since those who still deny DADA can only profit from DADA, let me say: Unlimited freedom, two words, DADA reveals their kernel of meaning in personal experience. Each medium is embedded in DADA and is materially experienced by DADA. Do not seek enlightenment, cheerfully access DADA consciousness.
Dada denies everything you say, just like that. DADA needs no advertising, DADA is just there! Sometimes dressed in fog, sometimes clouded by the scent of flowers, sometimes green, sometimes magenta, everything DADA.

German Version

Lots of DADA and DADADA <3

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Ha Ha Ha very funny friend :)

Thank you ;D I am happy to make you laugh :D

Woooow, beuatifull

Dadadada Thank dadada you :D


Look at dadadadat gorgeous girl and talented writer!

You are so awesome my dadadadear, so inspiring and cute dadadat it makes me happy to read your posts every time! :)

Lots of love, light and dada <3

Thank you very much <3 Light and dada <3

Da-Da is the path to enlightenment. With Da-Da, your automatic writing experiments always succeed. CLOWNADAMUS is VERY da-da ...

The DA Da expllosion! Hilarious! opps. I am da-da-ing. Thanks.

Dadaa Dadaaa , hahaha that is funny my dear lady @yoganarchista
but nice ur writer.
good luck and all the best for you my dear