Another plant growing in the Middle Atlas -original drawing

in art •  5 months ago


I made this drawing about three weeks ago in the middle atlas, hiking in the Valley of 2000 Casbah. Do you know the plant I portraited there. I don't, but I'm curious. Is it some kind of mint? Or nettle? I give you a photograph for easier identification:


Lots of Light and Love <3

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Oh, for the first time you're showing us drawing and orginal photo, excellent drawing.


Thank you :) I tried my best ^^

amazing art, I am amazed with your art painting, I hope you can be a successful person, I will always support you.
I will upvote and restem


Thank you very much for your support <3


yes, I will always give support to you, because you have a talent in drawing a more cool-cool, I like the results of your art

Awesome drawing my friend... You did a great job....


Thank you very much <3

Sieht gut aus. Kannst du auch mal eine Hanf Pflanze zeichnen ;D


Der Kiff wächst überall hier im Rif. Sehr schön <3 Vielleicht komm ich noch dazu.

@yoganarchista, You drawing nice plant using original image. Looks like original. Awesome skills using.


Yes it is original, the photo quality is a bit bad because I had to use my phone to photograph it. I tried to help thexquality with the photo editor on my phone but I have no idea if that was helpful. :D

Have you just started how to draw I see this is a bit different.
Hopefully the next picture, the better


Where do you see the difference? The stem, leaves or the fluffy things? I only used fineliner in black and white.

Perfect painting, You have done an incredible task.

A very nice drawing. Her teaching us all about these plants thank you so much

its looks like the real one

Amazing drawing....

lovely capture as always @yoganarchista , the plant seems familiar to me I forgot the name hahah

Very similar, i like it ^^

awesome drawing my dear friend... you have some great talent... Thanks for sharing...

I love this you should color it though it is great stand alone

Wow lovely travel i appreciate your art thanks for sharing this blog best of luck...