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Sexually abused and running away. Interesting his hand placement as if he does not want to hear or know. I wonder what the shadow specifically represents. A memory...a person... Thanks @yoganarchista nicely done.


Thank you very much for your comment. I am sorry it took me so long to answer. The inspiration for this drawing came from a Renaissance painting, that I scetched and transformed. In the original the figure is pushed down on the ground by a dewil like figure. I wanted to transform the drawing to a shadow that is present in memories of friends of mine. The memory of abuse terrifies and makes people run from something that is not present but a very strong influence in present behaviour. Sometimes this can lead to wrong judgement. I feel compassion with the person trapped in the terror but I also want to show that shadows of the past can not really hurt you anymore and that you start strangulating yourself by fighting a memory.

It's like Peter Pan's shadow is out on a killing spree. I love it.


Haha nice interpretation :) Thank you for sharing this with me :D

The shadows at the back are scary! But I love it. This is art and emotions in one picture. Congratulations, @yoganarchista 😊😊


Thank you for supporting my art :) I am happy you like it :)


Because They Are very nice.

Super Idee und genial umgesetzt:-)


Danke sehr :)

Looks like the shadow is giving this man a massage. Good stuff <3


Maybe he has got a lot of backpain and thats why he looks that terrified :D Thank you :)


I can totally relate as bad as my back is screwed up

nice art
really looks like the real one

fabulous one

Wow ... you paint very perfectly. I was so embarrassed to see him ... 😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍

Amazing work .You are a magnificent artist. All the best ....

@yoganarchista, That would be perfect perfect art design my friend. I'm pretty stunning to see your art skills. You're perfect artist for drawing field. Just excellent.

Looking like slender man kidnapping a naked grown up child.