Drawing of homguito version woman

in #art2 years ago

Hello everyone, I have time that I did not create a new character, this character came to me with reference to the little mushroom of mario, take a long time and apologize for the quality of the image, it takes me a long time as I move from state and home and change of house and the interne, that was a problem but I will come with better quality I just wanted to share this drawing with you and I hope you like it.

I moved because the internet was terrible what I had in the other house and other problems, soon I will come with more of my drawings, the drawing I came up with was because in social networks I saw a version of Bowser in women and I wanted to do something similar , I wanted to digitize it but ... I do not have a PC and I only have my android, I have to find a program to make my drawings from my android.

Hi yizus!

I am (currently @eaudebla) a curator for AkibaSteem and this is just to let you know that I upvoted your post:

“This is a nice drawing, although you should write a little more about the drawing process. You should also consider rotating the picture 90 degrees to the right as well if you can find a good app that does that for Android. I wouldn't worry about digitisation since you don't have a computer, so instead work more on your post presentation (headings etc). Consider the other anime drawing posts we have upvoted for comparison.”

We're an anime-focused community full of fans and good people! We aim to find good anime & manga content, share a happy moment & give some visibility. You got our vote and your post may get featured in our compilation post, if you don't want to be featured please let us know. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks friend, I'll keep it in mind

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